If you’re looking for a digital agency in Guildford, then look no further than The Website Space Agency. If you’re not sure why you should, here are 20 things you should know about what a digital agency can do for you. 


  1. Mobile optimization. A lot of web traffic comes from mobile devices, so your website needs to be optimised for mobile if you’re going to keep leads on your site. 
  2. Analytics. You can’t know how your marketing is working without analytics. Analytics can tell you everything from how a customer found you to which search terms are working best for you.
  3. Content creation. Online content is a great tool for generating search traffic and encouraging conversions. An agency can create content from blog posts to videos to help you. 
  4. Website improvement. An out-of-date website turns off customers. At The Website Space, we can improve your site, so it looks good and functions well. 
  5. SEO. SEO is an essential tool but can seem impenetrable to the uninitiated. An agency can build your SEO strategy for you and generate more search engine traffic while improving your search rankings.
  6. Social Media. Social is an important part of any digital strategy, but with so many options, managing multiple accounts successfully can be tough. Hand it over to the experts. 
  7. PPC. PPC, or Pay Per Click, adverts are a simple way to generate more leads for your website. This should be managed as part of your SEO strategy so you know which terms to advertise with. 
  8. Google My Business. A business page on Google is great for local SEO, and is the simplest way to make sure potential customers can find out the basics about your business. 
  9. Email. Email marketing is an effective marketing method but works best with the highly targeted marketing that an agency can help you with. 
  10. E-Commerce. We can build an e-commerce section into your website to allow you to sell through your website from a platform that is both functional and appealing. 
  11. Getting to know your online audience. Using the information from analytics, we can get to know exactly who your customers are so you can highly target your marketing efforts. 
  12. Competitor research. If you’re going to rank on search engines, you need to know how the competition is ranking and what for. With research, we can find out. 
  13. Integration with traditional media. A strong digital strategy will dovetail neatly with your more traditional strategy. We can create a strategy that does this. 
  14. Stay ahead of the curve. Digital is changing all the time, but with our expertise, we can make sure you’re always up-to-date with the latest changes. 
  15. Find direction. Without expert guidance, it can be easy to try to do too much with digital. We create a strategy with direction. 
  16. Manage your digital budget. Make the best use of your budget with our advice and support to invest in the right areas. 
  17. Access to the right tools. We can use professional software to manage your digital marketing
  18. Digital strategy. We can create a comprehensive strategy to help you achieve whatever goals you may have.
  19. Fresh ideas. Never run out of new ideas for content and marketing with our expertise.
  20. Stay relevant. With fresh digital strategy, you’ll never find yourself irrelevant and left behind.