I want to take this time and update all our amazing customers what we are doing in regards to Coronavirus.


Our Plan

  • As it stands, it is business as usual, and your website work and/or ongoing SEO deadlines will stay the same.
  • We are very excited to welcome Aaron to the team who during this time is able to help us meet the double hours that we updated everybody about a few days ago.
  • We were meant to move into an office on Monday 23rd March, but this has been pushed back until the 1st June, therefore from now onwards we will all be working from home.


Planned Meetings

  • We love to meet our customers face to face where possible, but as you can understand during these times, that is not possible.
  • From the 18th March onwards if you had a meeting arranged we will be in contact to either move this meeting online or reschedule.


What will happen next?

We understand that the situation is changing all of the time. As a business, we like many others have had to face hard times the last couple of weeks, but we are here to stay and nothing will change.


What can you do for me?

We will ensure each client is contacted over the next week to go through any plans/ideas they need for their business. Of course, we are always at the end of a phone call or email so if there is anything we can do please do not hesitate to contact us.