KeyHire Website Instructions

Edit Homepage

  • Admin > Pages > Edit Homepage
  • Edit the area you need to change
  • Edit the text as needed
  • To Edit something that is not on this edit page then it will be at: Admin > Theme Settings > Global Options
  • Update to save all changes

Update Website Cache

  • If your changes are not been updated on the front end then we need to refresh the site cache.
  • Follow the video below on how to do this.

Edit Testimonials

  • Admin > Theme Settings > Global Options
  • Select the top Tab
  • See the video on how to rearrange if needed
  • Make sure to update

Upload Logos

  • Admin > Theme Settings > Global Options
  • Select the Companies tab to update the colour slider and the client’s page
  • Select the Companies Homepage Banner tab to update the white slider
  • Make sure to upload images as a PNG and make sure the image does not contain a border
  • Make sure to update

Add Item to Top Menu

  • Admin > Appearance > Menus
  • Add Page or post to the menu
  • Drag and drop
  • Save Menu