Web design and development should always be considered a fluid element; think about it this way, what was classed as excellent web design years certainly won’t be up to today’s standards, in terms of both style and the functionality. Even websites that were built within the last few years often need to be updated, as things move fast. If your website isn’t as fresh and up to date as it could be, you might not need to scrap the entire thing and start over, as actually there are little changes that can make a big difference. Speak to experienced professionals like web development Guildford if you need help implementing any of these changes.


Make mobile browsing the focus

The stats show that 86% of people with a mobile device will first search for your site using their phone, so if you’re not building a website for mobile you are simply going to lose! Gone are the days where people did most of their browsing using laptops and desktop computers so you need to ensure you’re adapting with the times. We all love our devices and use them heavily in the modern world for shopping and interacting with businesses. One of the most important things is to remove any lag since if your site takes more than three seconds to load, the stats suggest you’ve lost that customer forever. Resize all images for a mobile-first view, and stay away from slide show picture displays and too much movement as this will only slow things down.


Aesthetics are important

Designing and developing a site means creating something that’s functional but also visually appealing. You can achieve this by using a consistent style across a website’s pages gives the user a predictable experience. Things like the buttons on your website should be standardized sitewide, which is consistency which users respond positively to. However, you’ll want to balance consistency with an artistic touch; in regards web design, artistic pops could be photos, videos and call-out boxes amongst other things. A good web designer will know where and when to use these types of elements. Your site should be a breath of fresh air and it should separate itself from the millions of other sites on the internet. 


Keep it simple

Don’t overwhelm visitors to your site right off the bat with a busy interface that’s hard to navigate. Some developers go overboard, using different multiple coding languages, integrations and countless widgets. Some might even be irrelevant. You have to present something that’s self-explanatory and which people can navigate without too much explanation. 


Freshen Up The Copy

You might be wondering what copywriting has to do with web design, however, the reality is that website copy is just as important as the imagery. Web design and copywriting go hand in hand so consider if yours needs freshening up. Bear in mind the psychology and how people read online- most will skim through information and so it needs to be easy to skim and broken up into relevant subheadings. All of the text and visual information should work together in harmony to provide the best experience for the viewer.