This is a really exciting time for us. It is with great pleasure that we’re announcing the beginning of an exciting adventure – we are changing to from Now SEO to The Website Space, or TWS for short.


So why the name change you may ask?…

Over the short time Now SEO was live we have been working flat out and to create new websites, but our main goal for Now SEO was of course SEO! We took the decision as a company that although we love SEO and would never stop offering SEO we wanted to aim our company to be more of a web design and development based business. So, after a lot of thinking and time searching the web for an available domain name we came up with the new name The Website Space.


Our new mission…

We want to offer all our new and existing customers an all in one solution for their online needs, from web design to social media management to SEO (getting seen on google). We have set about creating a new, simplistic website to showcase our portfolio to the world and with many new websites coming up this list will keep on growing.

We would love it if you could take a tour of our website and you will understand our style of work we offer to all of our clients. Website design and development, branding, Content Management and E-commerce, User Experience and Accessibility, SEO have always been our forte.


We know that change can be scary…

Not everybody likes change so we have made it our mission through this rebranding to make sure that this change goes as smoothly as possible for all of our clients. We have answered a few questions below.


Why are you changing?

The Website Space is changing to reinvent our image as more of a web design company compared to only really offering our SEO services.


What does this mean for me?

Nothing! Apart from changing our name nothing is changing for you, we will still be delivering our quality services just under the new name.


Do I need to change my bank details?

No, we use go cardless to collect monthly payments for some of our services, this will stay the same so you do not need to change anything.


How will I benefit from this change?

We are still the same company you know and love but with this new move, we aim to be even busier and expand our young web development team so we can offer you new and exciting services.