Savvy Instructions

Change price of report

  • Admin > Contact > Contact Forms
  • Click the blue title for “Postcode Report”
  • In the first tab you will see Hidden price code, change this to 1.00
  • Then click save top right

Get a new report?

  • Admin > Reports > Hover report title and click edit
  • Add the customer’s name in the missing your namespace
  • Add an overall summary if applicable
  • Add the property specifications and an image for that property
  • School data is automated
  • Crime data is automated
  • Local Planning data is automated but you can add an extra note
  • Flood Risk data is automated but you can add a recommendation and a screenshot if applicable
  • Select the air quality result and add a recommendation and image
  • Internet data is automated but you can add the internet information for Sky and Virgin avaibility
  • Phone section is not automated but you can sue the iframe within the admin report area to search for the results
  • Traffic is automated but you can add some text about the traffic the morning, afternoon and evening if you want
  • Council Tax data is automated
  • Politics data is automated
  • Once everything is ready to go click publish on the top right, this will send an email to the user with the password and URL to see their report.

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