Branding in Surrey

Nothing is more important than making sure your brand stands out above your competitors. The idea is to create a brand which is easy for your customers to embrace and remember. At The Website Space, we love designing simplistic logos and branded materials, which will help get your company seen.

Branding is at the forefront of your business, and with an overcrowded logo, your customers may see this as a sign that this business is complicated to deal with and not easy to work with. Take for example the first ever Apple inc. logo.

Apple’s first ever company logo, compared to today’s simplistic logo, was incredibly busy and full of over complicated drawings and did not portray the company image at all. Today though, Apple Inc. has a simplistic logo which is easy to remember but most importantly, extremely recognisable.

Creating a brand takes time and work. It should never be judged and you should always create a variety to choose from. Our top tip for branding is to not rush it and to make it simplistic and clear. An overcomplicated logo never succeeds.

By working with our team of expert team, you can create the perfect brand for your business.