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Terms & Conditions


Here at The Website Space, we want to fulfil and exceed our customers expectations when it comes to meeting their goals. However, there are a few things to read first to understand how it all works for both the business and the customers. Understanding what is expected of both parties.


Your Responsibilities

As a customer you will have the ability to enter a contract with us on your companies behalf. Therefore, you will provide us with everything that we have requested including text for the website, images and also any other information that is necessary. We will ask that you send details over of how you want the website to look. Once the work is complete, you agree to any revisions that need to be made and then once complete, sign off on the work within a timely manner. Access to your website will be given once the project is in motion.


Our Responsibilities

At The Website Space, we have the ability to carry out all services displayed on our website. We will complete these services with a professional and timely manner. If you have been late or delayed in providing us with materials such as images or any revisions you would like made to the site. Then we will not be responsible for a delayed launch date as a result of this.

We will also provide confidentiality on all information that you provide us with throughout your services and thereafter.


Website Design

If you want your website designed by us then we will ask for recommendations on what you would like within the website and a rough idea of the layout. During the design stages of the website, we will give customers unlimited revisions to ensure the perfect design. However, once the web design has been approved by the customer, they will only receive up to 3 revisions for the development stages. Any revisions beyond this will incur an additional fee of our standard hourly rate.


Change Control

The prices listed within the invoice is a set price based on the hours it will take to complete the website to specifications asked by yourself. However, if you decide to change your mind or add any additional services that we have to offer. This will be invoiced separately.


Web Browser Compatibility

We develop using valid HTML5 and CSS3, we only test on current versions up to 2 years old to ensure the highest quality. The major browsers that this includes is Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

If you require older browsers including Microsoft Edge to show visitors, then we have the right to charge you additional rates as this requires additional coding and testing. This will always be quoted before any work is carried out.


The Legal Part

1. Contract Period

1.1 The contract will commence once the first invoice has been paid. The contract period will continue up until the website has been accepted by you or if your project has been terminated early.


2. Fees and Additional Charges

2.1 The Fees will cover the cost of the agreement made prior to starting the contract. If you have requested additional services then we have the right to charge the additional fees. Also on all work carried out before the termination of the project either by you or us.

2.2 You agree that all invoices received, must be payed within 14 days of receipt.

2.3 All fees must be payable as per the agreement set out. Including any payment schedules that may be in place.

2.4 All payments made by you are non-refundable in the event of early termination of the contract.

2.5 In the event that you have delayed delivery to us regarding the materials, or sign off on our work. Then we reserve the right to invoice you the outstanding balance for completion of the website.

2.6 In the event that you have requested additional services either from receiving more revisions on the development stage or from making the most of other services that we provide. Then we have the right to invoice you on the additional service received. This will be billed based on our hourly rate.

2.7 We will not begin the contracted agreement until the first invoice payment has been paid and cleared in our accounts.

2.8 Until all outstanding payments have been received, we have the right to obtain access to the services we have provided until the final payment has been received and cleared.


3. Further Obligations

3.1 All parties must cooperate in good faith. All parties will be made aware of any faults or suspected faults with the services we provide as and when the faults have been identified by any party. If you have received the finalised website by us and have not responded within 10 working days with any revisions, improvements or suggestions. We will then deem the website finalised with no further revisions to be made and the final invoice to be paid. However, if you respond within the 10 working-day window, we will be obliged to make any additional changes, free of charge within a reasonable time frame.

3.2 All usernames and domain names must not be used as to impersonate entities or infringing others whether as a trademark or name, statutory or common law.

3.3 We will continuously work hard to provide the services on our website within the timescales agreed.

3.4 If you wish to integrate any third party services, you must ensure that the third party will provide us with the information or services provided to carry out our agreement efficiently and effectively.

3.5 Any failure that occurs with the third party, you agree that this comes under Force Majeure.


Moral Rights

4.1 We reserve all alienable rights attached to all creations and developments made by The Website Space under this agreement as per the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

4.1.1 We reserve the right to be acknowledged and identified on all websites created by The Website Space. You must properly identify us as the creator of the work. You also agree to display our name within the bottom of the website. You agree to not mislead others into thinking the website was created by anyone but us.

4.2 You agree that the website created by us may be displayed within our portfolio on our website.



5.1 We warrant that the work will be provided with reasonable care and completed within a professional and timely manner. You acknowledge that is is impossible to provide services free of faults.

5.2 You acknowledge that we do not produce your terms, conditions and warranties for your individual sight as per our agreement. This must be supplied to us and we will update the website accordingly to the information provided from you.


Exclusion and Limitations

6.1 You agree that we will not become liable in contract for any loss of earnings, profits or losses greater than the aggregate of all sums paid to us under the current contract.

6.2 Nothing within this agreement shall exclude:

6.2.1 Any liability which is prohibited by the law.

6.2.2 Either parties liability for death or personal injury from the party’s negligence.


Data Protection

7.1 As stated in the Data Protection Act 2018, we hereby store your personal data as defined in the Privacy Policy. However, you are and will continue to be the data controller as specified in the Data Protection Act. In respect your personal data we will continue to comply with the provisions to keep your personal data as safe. We may also provide you with the personal data we hold on you, if requested by you and the relevant documentations have been provided (Proof of Identification).


Intellectual Property Rights

8.1 Whilst the contract/agreement is ongoing, you agree to give us a royalty free license to allow us to use,, modify, copy and publish materials of your company.

8.2 We acknowledge that all Intellectual Property Rights will remain your property before, during and after our agreement.

8.3 All the Intellectual Property Rights such as programming tool, skills and artwork that has been acquired by us will remain our property. However, we agree to provide you a royalty free license to use, copy, publish and modify materials licensed by The Website Space. We do not give you any warranties relating to search engine scripts that have been created by third parties.

8.4 It is down to each party to ensure they have a license for any third party software used within the provisions of the services.

8.5 As stated above the IPR’s (Intellectual Property Rights) in the materials will always remain as your property.



9.1 You shall keep us indemnified from and against all liabilities, costs and expenses. This includes legal costs and expenses. Resulting from any claims or allegations that our materials infringe third parties.


Suspension and Termination By Us

10.1 We shall have the right to terminate our agreement immediately or suspend our services if the following happens:

10.1.1 If you are suspected of fraud, attempted fraud or other criminal offences.

10.1.2 You breach our agreement, whilst failing to remedy such breach within 15  days from the first notice date.

10.1.3 You or your business becomes insolvent and cease to trade. This includes our opinion on whether we believe your business is likely to cease to trade. If you have gone into administration or liquidation. If you have entered an arrangement with a creditor as part of a reconstruction and are unable to pay your debts which fall into section 123 of the Insolvency Act 1986. If your company or you are made bankrupt, we shall not be liable for any losses that have occurred from you as a result of the termination or suspension.


Termination By You

11.1 Without prejudice to your rights, you shall have the right to terminate your contract/agreement with us if the following:

11.1.1 The Website Space is involved in any fraudulent activity or any other criminal offence.

11.1.2 We breach the agreement between you and us, without the capability of it being remedied within 15 days from the first notice specifying of the breach committed.

11.1.3 The Website Space becomes insolvent and cease to trade. If we have gone into administration or liquidation. If we have entered an arrangement with a creditor as part of a reconstruction and are unable to pay our debts which fall into section 123 of the Insolvency Act 1986. If our company are made bankrupt, you shall not be liable for any losses that have occurred from us as a result of the termination or suspension.


Post Termination

12.1 After the expiry of the agreement/contract termination:

12.2 Each party upon request by the other will be obliged to return any documentation and other materials containing confidential information or copyright materials of the other. The Website Space will then destroy or return the materials upon your request.

12.3 Each party involved will immediately stop using the other’s trademarks and the intellectual property for any ongoing promotional purposes.


Force Majeure

13.1 Both parties shall not be liable for any breach of its obligations other than to pay money. Any breach beyond its control shall not be terminated but the party concerned must act within a reasonably manner to prevent any effects that will result in the Force Majeure Event.



14.1 Both parties will keep confidential information at all times and will not dislike without written consent from the other party, or use this information other than for the purposes displayed within the agreement between the two parties. However, The Website Space may disclose such information to its employees who need to know the information given to us. All employees that receive the confidential information from either party must comply with the conditions of the confidentiality non-disclosure and non-use equivalent to those imposed.

14.2 The obligations listed above regarding the confidentiality non-disclosure and non-use will not apply if the information provided is available to the public, through no fault of the party disclosing or using this information, or if this is known by the party before the agreement is made, or if this information is received without obligation to confidentiality which is then required to be disclosed by the law or any regulating authority.


Entire Agreement

15.1 Neither parties have entered into this agreement to receive any statement or representation except those expressed within the agreement made between the two parties. This shall not apply if the representation or statement has been made fraudulently.

15.2 This agreement constitutes that there is a complete understanding between the parties involved in regards to the supply and use of our services and this will replace, cancels and supersedes any previous arrangements. These terms shall apply and become superior to any terms and conditions contained or referred to in the documentation submitted.


No Partnership

16.1 Nothing within this agreement shall create a partnership or joint venture between the parties involved other than those expressed within the written agreement. No party shall have the authority to enter into any engagements or represent with a purpose too blind or oblige the other party.


Third Party Rights

17.1 Any person or business that is not a party of the agreement shall have no right under the Contracts Act 1999 to enforce any terms set out in the agreement.



18.1 Any notices within this agreement must be set out in writing and shall be sent by email, recorded mail or by hand, at the address specified in the written agreement between the parties.


Applicable Law

19.1 The construction, validity and performance of this agreement will be governed by the laws of England and Wales. This agreement shall be exclusive to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.


Changes To This Agreement

20.1 If you wish to make any changes to the original agreement then this shall be made in writing executed by the parties authorised representatives.

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Christopher David Mitchell

Professional, efficient and friendly

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Olly is always suggesting ways we can do this allowing us to stay fresh and current.

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They have developed a fantastic website where a large amount of our bookings come from

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Jennifer Green
Jennifer Green Duo

Five star service from the Website Space, very proactive and nothing is a trouble

"Five star service from the Website Space, very proactive and nothing is a trouble. They handle both of our company websites. Great turnaround time and always accessible."

Andy Godley
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The website Space are great!

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TWS provide a phenomenal service in the fields of web design and SEO

"Ollie and TWS provide a phenomenal service in the fields of web design and SEO. From the start, every requirement was carefully listened to, with outstanding suggestions to complement our brief made regularly throughout. Exceptional value for money and a real pleasure to work with, I cannot recommend TWS highly enough to anyone seeking to improve and enhance the experience of their customers online."

Tom Newman

Couldn’t be happier with the service

"Couldn’t be happier with the service I have received from olile, from day one he’s always been on top of his game and keen to show his high standards of work and care towards his clients, I’m always recovering messages about new ideas and further ways to improve my business."

Jamie Baker
Jamie Baker Fitness