In the digital world, there’s a seemingly endless list of jargon that most people may not have the slightest idea about. Amongst this jargon is ‘conversion rate optimisation’ – but what does this mean? Fortunately, this guide exists to answer that very question, so if you’re interested in finding out more about what conversion rate optimisation services really are, then simply read on!


So, What Is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Conversion rate optimisation optimization (or CRO for short) is a tried and tested systematic process that aims to boost the amount of web page visitors who perform a desired action, whether this means filling out a form, becoming a customer, or any other step that your brand would reap rewards from. The CRO process helps you to understand how users navigate through your web page, which specific actions they take, and exactly what could be holding them back from completing your intended goals online.


What Is A Conversion?

A conversion describes the action of a visitor completing one of your web page goals. Your goals will likely come in many different shapes and sizes, as a web page used for selling products will have a primary goal (or macro-conversion) of each user making a purchase, along with smaller goals (micro-conversions) that include aims like signing up to receive emails from your brand.


Examples of macro-conversions

  • Purchasing a product or service from your web page
  • Requesting a quote for a product or service
  • Signing up to a subscription


Examples of micro-conversions

  • Choosing to sign up for email lists
  • Creating a new account on your web page
  • Adding a product from your stock to their shopping cart


What Is A Conversion Rate?

Your web pages conversion rate describes a calculation that divides the number of times a user completes one of your goals by your total web page traffic, producing a number that represents how successfully your features, campaigns and general efforts online are fairing out. Having a good conversion rate is absolutely essential for the success of your web page, and that’s exactly why conversion rate optimisation is such a popular avenue that can help brands to reap the rewards they are searching for.


6 Primary Features Of Conversion Rate Optimisation

Landing Page Design

A great landing page design is the first and most important feature that contributes massively towards the usability and success of a web page. The more aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate a site can be, the more traction it’s likely to get.


Website Copy

Although a thoughtfully designed and aesthetically pleasing web page will no doubt get more traffic flowing to your site, the words that you post can certainly do a brilliant job in grabbing your visitors attention to convert them into strong potential leads. Taking the time to write interesting and engaging content which focuses on your brand and products unique selling points can make all the difference when visitors are deciding whether to stay and achieve your goal actions or leaving your web page without going any further.



A call-to-action (or a CTA for short) is a direct request for visitors to achieve your goal action. The stronger and more inviting your CTA can be, the more leads it is likely to generate for your brand.


Navigation & Web Page Structure

The structure of your web page should make it as easy as possible to navigate around your web page, allowing your visitors to reach any page they need – including those that include your macro and micro conversions.



Forms can be an essential conversion that help you to gain the data and connections that your brand needs to thrive. Improving your forms can help to improve your conversion rate, so always take the time to craft the most suitable forms for your unique audience and visitors.


Page Speed

The time that it takes for your pages to load inside a visitors browser will have a huge impact on the way that your sit is received by your audiences as poor performance can offer the user a bad experience that encourages them to click back after a few seconds, which can negatively affect your rank in results and cause your visitor numbers to dwindle.


Conversion rate optimisation is a process that any brand should be prioritising to see long term success online. Conversion rate is the ultimate measure of how well your brand is performing, and no matter what your individual conversion goals might be, optimising the experience that you offer online to increase your conversions will no doubt encourage great growth.