The biggest website trends of 2023

In 2023, the web design landscape has been drastically shaped by the emergence of new technologies and user expectations. From leveraging cutting-edge tools like augmented reality and artificial intelligence to crafting immersive experiences through parallax scrolling and responsive design, there are plenty of emerging trends that will define the look and feel of websites in 2023.

One of the biggest trends to watch is the use of animated cursors. This new type of interaction design has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ability to provide users with a more interactive user experience. It’s also useful for guiding users through navigation and helping them find specific information or content on a website. Additionally, this trend has the potential to create a more personalized and engaging web experience, as users can create their own custom cursors for each page.

The use of customer service bots is also gaining traction. By leveraging artificial intelligence, these bots can provide users with automated responses and answer popular questions quickly and efficiently. This will help websites reduce their customer service costs and reduce the wait time for customers.

Another trend that has gained traction in 2023 is the use of Y2K aesthetic. This retro-futuristic style will provide users with a more immersive experience, taking them back to the early days of the internet while still embracing modern design elements. By using bold colours, geometric shapes, and 3D illustrations, web designers can create websites that evoke a sense of nostalgia while still appearing cutting-edge.

Finally, social media integration is also becoming increasingly popular. By taking advantage of the plethora of different platforms available to users, such as Twitter and Instagram, websites can customise their user experience by providing tailored content and giving users exclusive access to offers, promotions, and rewards. This will help websites build community and loyalty with their audience while increasing engagement on their website.

These are just some of the web design trends that are shaping 2023. As technology continues to evolve at a rapid rate, web designers must stay ahead of the curve by incorporating new technologies and user expectations into their designs. By doing so, they can create websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide users with a unique and inspiring experience.


Changes in Design

Designs change all the time. What might be in vogue at one time might be out of fashion at another. There is an element of personal preference and taste but the industry has definitely witnessed a change towards a more streamlined, modern and sleek look. The colour palette also tends to be a bit more subtle, earthy natural tones and neutral colours. It does have some resemblance to the property market. You don’t want to be too bold to put people off, so keeping it inoffensive pleases most people.

The key indicator for proving how website designs have changed to a more clean website with clean lines and modern look is by analysing a few websites from this year, 5 years ago and then 20 years ago. The changes are stark and are now geared towards user experience and simplicity. There is also an emerging trend to more subtle pastel colours, nothing too in your face, an easy on the eye, comfortable experience.

It’s almost matching physical shops in a way, with the aesthetics aiming to provide the consumer with a comfortable, relaxing and safe experience. This allows the consumer to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and in turn send more money.

Web design has become more responsive using design elements that helps guiding users to interact and engage with the parts of the site you want. They are also suitable for all devices ranging from desktops to the smallest screens. Loading times have to be quick and reactive and modern technology has allowed websites across the board to be brought up a number of notches in quality. You very rarely see “bad” websites anymore. This makes the playing field much more level but also super competitive.


More Niche website design features

There are a few cutting edge design choices that are becoming more mainstream as time passes, including augmented reality, parallax scrolling and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) on your site. These area lot harder to create, more time consuming so a lot of smaller web design agencies don’t tend to produce them. However they definitely stand out in the marketplace, as everyone else has a minimalist, organised layout, unfussy but efficient. Equally though, like all trends they come in and out of vogue. One year beards are in, the next everyones clean shaven!


Web Design – The Conclusion

The key takeaways though are to consider what your audience are looking for. It’s so important to listen to feedback, making changes to both the design and layout if it shows your customers can’t find a page or their user experience is not as good as it could be.

Are they coming from social media where their expectations are different to a corporate client

You may be selling something technical or high end, so a relaxed, casual approach may not work. It’s important to monitor what is working and what doesn’t and make changes accordingly. Design is subjective and there is no wrong or right answer but optimising and streamlining the experience and creating content that is targeted and tailored to your audience is paramount.

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