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We are a Conversion Rate Optimisation agency with the aim to increase your website’s sales / enquires. For far too long the focus has been aimed at getting traffic to your website, but what is the point if your website does not convert?
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Conversion Focused Equals Sales

We truly believe that a conversion focused first web design is the only way to go.

Seriously, ask yourself what the point of having a website if you don’t get enquiries or sales through it?

This is where SEO & conversion rate optimisation comes in. We sit down with you to make sure that your website is designed in the best way possible to allow your users to convert easily. Trust me when I say every site is different and one thing that works for one site might not work for your site/target audience.


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    Are you in search of a reliable SEO agency to enhance and improve your own website? We’ve got your back because we are the ideal solution for you. We are a high-quality, highly recommended SEO Haslemere agency. We let our clients give honest feedback and have more than 30 5* REVIEWS to back it up.

    What is SEO?

    Search engine optimisation or SEO for short is to improve visibility and attract more traffic to your website. We also specialise in conversion rate optimisation or CRO for short to boost sales and increase click-through rates on the site.

    Now if that sounds all too technical for you, then to break it down we first sit down with you to work out a keyword plan. Then we can start to look at the meta title and descriptions to make sure they are clear and attention-grabbing. and your website content. Many more factors come into ranking like backlinks, Google business profile optimisation and more but we will take care of that for you.

    Creating exciting landing pages that people want to read and engage with is a super important part of SEO. This increases the chances of building a rapport and getting them to look at other parts of your website or going through with a purchase.


    How can TWS help you?

    We follow trusted market strategies in the digital marketing field, but we add our own splash of personality and insight to come up with something new and exciting and unique for your business. Whether you sell cakes or houses, services or just want to get a helpful message out there on climate change or breeding puppies we have the answer when it comes to SEO.

    At TWS we will work with you to make sure our service is the right fit for you. We have a range of SEO packages to suit you. We can offer a trusted place for hosting your website, optimise your conversion rate and analyse and improve the user experience. We can also work with you to create a brand new, contemporary website to your specific requirements.

    Maybe you’ve seen a website that you love and want to take inspiration from. Perhaps you want to take on a local or national rival or simply rule the world! We will take all your ideas on board and bring our own to the table too. We will be there every step of the way, no job is too large or small.


    About TWS

    We understand how local businesses work being one ourselves. The founder of the website space Oliver grew up in Haslemere and started from humble beginnings, from a teenager in his bedroom to now a leading marketing expert in Haslemere, Guildford and around Surrey.

    Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are passionate about digital marketing. We founded the company in 2015, and have since helped hundreds of businesses achieve their online goals.

    Our aim is simple: to help businesses increase their conversion rates and grow their online revenue. We do this by taking a data-driven approach to website design, user experience, copywriting and SEO.


    How much Does it cost?

    Our prices start at £500 per month, however, we will tailor all our services to fit you, so you are not overpaying and only paying for what you need. Nothing is done for the sake of it, all actions are carefully calculated to achieve maximum returns and value.

    SEO relies heavily on new and fresh content, Google is constantly adapting to what consumers are looking for online and so do we. We don’t stand still and are always on top of current trends and SEO strategies.

    Working with us you will get professional copywriting, content editing, and other technical improvements to your website.


    How long does it take to rank a local website?

    Everyone’s time is limited so when consumers are searching on Google they are rarely going to look past page 1. Therefore it’s of vital importance that you improve your ranking on search engines to remain visible.

    Sometimes it isn’t possible to rank number 1 due to the likes of Amazon and eBay, however, we understand the algorithms and will get you right behind those guys. Nowadays a lot more people want to shop locally and support a local business so if they see your name up with the big boys then this will only increase your sales and success.

    Ranking takes typically between 3 to 12 months depending on the keyword. It’s not an overnight thing but we will show you detailed monthly reports to show what we are targeting and how we have progressed overtime on the way to your goal.



    If you want any success with your SEO, you must put your users first in everything you do. We will make sure your website is optimised for mobile (where 60%) of current web traffic comes from. This alongside ensuring your website looks clean and fresh, and something users want to engage with and can trust. Get in touch today for a free quote.