Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the practice of improving your website’s rankings in the search engine results page. While SEO comprises of a number of quite simple changes to your website, optimising your site and its content is a time-consuming job that you will need to keep revisiting in order to stay ahead of the competition. 


There are a number of different areas that come under the SEO umbrella. These include keyword optimisation, link building, optimising content, the use of meta tags and descriptions, and much more. 


Different businesses will need to employ different SEO strategies, and it can be hard to know which areas you should be focusing your attention on. This is where hiring an SEO agency comes in handy. An SEO company will have the skills and expertise to assist you- saving you time, effort, and money and delivering changes that will improve the performance of your website and your business. 


Are you looking for Surrey SEO services? Not all Surrey SEO services are the same, so you need to consider which service will help you achieve the results that you crave for your business. Following these 12 steps will help you to find your perfect match:



1) Experience

Working with an experienced SEO service is essential. You need to know your business is in safe hands, that have helped many other similar companies to SEO success.


Read reviews from previous customers to find out about the type of success they have had with their SEO services. When looking at online reviews, try and find out about the company writing the review- are they in any way similar to your business? 


How long has the Surrey SEO services company that you are interested in hiring been in business? The length of time that a company has been in business is usually a marker of how experienced they are.


SEO is a continually changing field. When search engines such as Google adapt their search algorithms, SEO services need to adapt quickly. Speak with your SEO service and find out how they keep themselves up-to-date with all of the latest changes in the industry.



2) Local Knowledge

Local knowledge is a vital component of your SEO strategy. A local target audience requires local SEO, so understanding the local market is crucial.


While there are international SEO agencies out there that may be of assistance to you, if you are looking at driving business in your local area, you will find it easier and more effective to go with an SEO agency that understands your local area. Knowing about the geography and the demographics of the area will help them make informed choices that will drive your business forward. 


This is why it is important for Surrey businesses to find Surrey SEO services that are able to understand the locale that they are covering.



3) Proven Results

When it comes to hiring an SEO agency, you need a company that gets results. With SEO being such a long-term investment, you won’t see the quick returns that you may find in other areas of digital marketing- knowing that you are dealing with a company that delivers on their promises will ensure that you are in safe hands.


Don’t take a chance on Surrey SEO services, select an agency based on proven results. Take a look at testimonials to assess whether their services will benefit your business. 


If the SEO agency has examples of their previous work on their site, be sure that you explore these and look out for businesses that are similar to yours. Many reputable SEO services will provide case studies or links to websites that they have had a hand in optimising. You’ll be able to see the results for yourself.



4) Tailor-Made Services

Every company has different needs. That means that your Surrey SEO services shouldn’t treat everyone in the same way. A good SEO company will look at the needs of the specific business that they are working with and find the right strategy to suit them. 


SEO is not a one size fits all tool for success. To achieve the best results, your SEO strategy needs to be tailored to the individual needs of your company. Make sure that you find an SEO agency that understands this point. 


Find an SEO company that is willing to sit down and talk through your exact needs. They need to understand your business so that they can drive the right customers to your website and through your doors.



5) Robust Strategy

Before signing up for Surrey SEO services, you need to know how the SEO strategy will benefit your business. How robust is the plan? Does it cover everything that you want it to? Are you confident that it can achieve the results that you need? 


Speak with your SEO agency and get them to talk through their suggestions for your specific strategy. The strategy should be tailored to the needs of your website and business. Even though the service that is provided for you needs to be bespoke to your needs, it is important that the methods employed are tried and tested. 


There is a lot of competition out there for businesses. Having a robust strategy in place will help your business fend off competition. 

SEO Strategy


6) Measurable Results

When investing in SEO, you need to know that your money will be spent wisely. The SEO agency should be able to provide you with measurable results of their strategy so that you can work out your return on investment.


Typically, it can take several months to see the positive effects of a successful SEO strategy. It is essential that you understand that SEO is a long-term strategy that will provide a return on your investment over a long period. 


While SEO results are measurable, you won’t see any change overnight. Because SEO is such a long term strategy, it is essential that you hire the right Surrey SEO agency that will communicate results effectively. Find out how they will communicate results with you.



7) Packages

There is a wide range of different SEO services available, and some businesses will have a greater need for some than others. Make sure that you are getting the services that you need for your business. No one wants to pay for services they won’t use, so it is crucial to check that Surrey SEO agencies can offer you a package that focuses on the services that you need.


Find out exactly what is on offer from each of the packages and talk them through with your Surrey SEO services agency. You may not realise that you need a particular aspect of the package. Don’t miss out on the elements that you need. Understand what each package entails and make informed choices.



8) Flexibility

How flexible is the SEO strategy that the agency is going to implement? Is the strategy able to adapt to meet changing market conditions or demand?


Your business may change. External factors may affect the way that you do business. Changes in politics, technology, or a major change in the way that businesses operate can mean that you need to quickly adapt to new ways of working. You need an SEO solution that can move with the needs of your business. 


Find out how adaptable your Surrey SEO services are and ensure you have the support you need should any changes need to be made to the way that you work.



9) Scalability

To ensure that the SEO strategy works for you in the medium term, you need to know whether it can be scaled to suit the changing requirements of your company.


With the help of your SEO strategy, you will be able to build upon your existing business and drive more traffic to your website and customers through your doors. Hopefully, your business will grow. As your business grows, your needs will change. 


Make sure your SEO agency is on board with the necessary changes, particularly if you are expecting a speedy growth.



10) Branding

Branding is an essential part of any business. You will no doubt have worked very hard to build up a recognisable brand that you can be proud of. Your SEO strategy should align perfectly with your brand. Whatever measures need to be made to drive traffic to your website and bring customers to your door, then need to match up with your core brand values. 


Before signing up with Surrey SEO services, you will need to check that their strategy will be implemented with your branding in mind. Your SEO should work to strengthen your brand, improving its visibility and perception.


Speak with your SEO agency and discuss your brand values with them. Let them know what your expectations are and find out what they can do to protect and enhance the integrity of your brand. 



11) Transparent Costs

Can your agency tell you how your money is being spent? Transparent costings of SEO services are essential so that you know exactly what you are paying for and can keep track of your return on investment. 


When you sign with an SEO agency, find out about their costs upfront. If something isn’t clear to you, ask the company what the charges are for. Getting the right SEO service is not just about having your content optimised in a way that enhances your business; it is also about bringing you a return on your investment. If your costs are too high, then this will diminish the returns that you are likely to see on your investment. 


Find an agency that is upfront with their costs and honest with you about the type of returns you can expect on your investment. 


While you certainly shouldn’t just be partnering up with the lowest-priced SEO agency as you will get whatever you pay for, price and budget should always be something that you will need to consider when finding the right SEO service.



12) Holistic Approach

SEO forms an integral part of your digital marketing campaign, but it needs to work in partnership with your broader online strategy. Instead of choosing simply Surrey SEO services, you need to work with a digital creative agency providing specialist support to your entire online presence.


Look for an SEO agency that specialises in a range of other services. For instance, affiliate marketing and content marketing go hand-in-hand with search engine optimisation. Social media marketing should be a central tenet of any marketing strategy. 


But all of these different elements of the digital marketing strategy take time and effort. Having a company that can handle your Facebook and Twitter while ensuring your brand identity matches that of your website, will mean you can rest easy knowing that your digital branding strategy is in safe hands.



Search engine optimisation is something that all businesses need to think about in the long-term. Investing in developing and optimising your website and content will pay dividends in the longer term. However, with all major investments, you need to do your research first. Finding the right Surrey SEO service is vital, and you shouldn’t rush your decision.   


Be sure and check out online reviews, testimonials, and case studies of people that the SEO company has previously helped. This will give you the best insight into the quality of work that they deliver. 


Speak with your Surrey SEO service and find out about how they can tailor their SEO packages to suit the specific needs of your business. Look for proven results and ask how they will measure the success of your SEO project. 


Find a company that understands your brand and knows how to help build it up with the right marketing tools. If they have additional services available such as social media marketing, then this will be helpful to your business. 


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